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A resting place nestles to a little brisk lake Šaulys lying between Seirijai and Leipalingis surrounded by famous forests of Dzūkija. The new and homelike wooden cabins remind of villages of warm-hearted Lithuanian people. Simplicity and conveniences combine here.

The nature reveals all its beauty and greatness here. Spending evenings in the summerhouses near fireplaces and looking at the sandy bank of lake or slender pines You will feel both power and still of the nature.

The lake will invite you to enjoy water activities - boating or canoeing, fishermen will have great time catching pikes and carps. Hot and steamy bath will refresh your body and mind. Children can spend time playing in sandboxes or swinging.

For your feasts we offer a banqueting hall, and in warm evenings banquets can be organized right on the bank of lake - here you will find spacious wooden waterside summerhouse with fireplace.

All resting place is at your service. You will be welcome obligingly - the people of Dzūkija are famous for their warmth!

The fireplaces were set up in all timbered cabins. Now they are suitable to live in winter. We expect visitors all year round.
Every timbered cabin is equipped with new-fashioned TV and our guests will be able to get satellite TV soon.

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