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The lake is only a few meters from houses. It is full of pikes, carps, breams; fishing for the visitors of the resting place is free of charge. Two bridges extend to the lake; water chute will be set up soon. A row of benches and wooden statues align along the white sandy bank of the lake.

Those who like active recreation will find sports ground to play basketball or volleyball, will have fun rowing a boat, canoe or going by water bicycle. Your dinner will be more tasteful if you flavour them with fresh mushrooms or berries – the forests of Dzukija are famous for these goodies.

The children will enjoy themselves playing in the sandboxes or swinging, whereas parents will indulge in hot steamy bath. In summer the cones of ice-cream are sold in the resting place!

If you like travelling, knowing new places and think that you need more activities, why not to tour through the surrounding area?


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